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Thursday, April 21, 2011

History Ignored

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Egypt,  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Bahrain, Ivory Coast……

This is not a geography primer in Middle Eastern and North African nations, it’s a sampling of those countries involved in political and/or social upheaval or full out civil war. The United Nations and NATO cling to the belief that diplomatic, or more importantly, military intervention will cure all of the ills these nations are experiencing.

Being possessed of seemingly infinite wisdom, these global or regional organizations seem to overlook one small item: history. 

These nations are typically governed(?) with an iron fist through quasi-dictators or self proclaimed despots that have no interest the one human characteristic we are all born with. That one trait is personal freedom. Inherently imbedded by virtue of birth is the love of liberty.

After decades and centuries and millennia of clannish and tribal warfare, the U.N. and NATO think they know better. The Late, Great United States of America, the Liberators of the world, can’t seem to stay away. With our own porous borders and a bankrupt nation, we can’t seem to help our self by allowing the conflicts to proceed without intervention, as well as the French, the Brits, etc.

I’m guessing the body bags will continue to come home, and the families of the slain will continue to shed the tears of grief, and more than likely end up scratching their collective heads trying to justify the deaths of their loved ones. I feel deeply for all of them, but my guess is they can’t come up with any answers either.

The link below was the inspiration for  my commentary. It's worth the time.

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