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Friday, March 20, 2009

Holt-Blair Bill

Big Brother Bobby Rush, D-Ill. is hoping to save us all from ourselves by proposing legislation to rewrite gun ownership laws at the federal level. The bill claims “to protect the public against unreasonable risk of injury and death associated with sale or transfer of firearms to criminals and youth”. This, because of a young man who was shot and killed on a bus in Chicago. Tragic? Absolutely. Necessary? Absolutely not. In essence, all gun owners would have to be “licensed”.
To obtain a license, an application must be made that includes a photo, address, all previous aliases, thumb print, completion of a written firearm safety test, release of mental health records to the attorney general and a fee not to exceed $25. We would have to prove we are not mentally ill, have no felony convictions, or are otherwise not legally able to own a firearm. When did you stop beating your wife? Uh,...
To prove a negative is inherently a difficult thing, but to do so while practicing a Constitutional right is ridiculous. There are those who have drawn the analogy regarding the licensing and registration of automobiles and firearm ownership. Here’s the difference: driving is a privilege, and gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment to the Constitution.
There are many laws on the books that regulate who may or may not own a firearm. This bill takes it to the next step, as long feared by law abiding citizens who own guns. It would be unlawful to own a “qualifying” firearm with a “license”, and this bill would mandate that the Attorney General of the United States enter the data into a national database. Do you think practicing criminals will obtain a “license”?
So, let’s say somebody breaks into my house, steals my guns, and I don’t report it to the feds. If that gun is used in a crime, I will face prison time. Me. I would go to prison because I failed to report the theft of a personal item that I am constitutionally allowed to own to Big Brother in Washington. So much for Almost President Obama’s “promise” not to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. Maybe I’m jumping the gun (sorry), and the bill will not pass, or maybe Almost President Obama will veto this bill.
Or maybe not. From the words of the late, great Charlton Heston, “..from my cold, dead hands.....”

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